Dain WIP 2

Holiday stuff winding down, time to get painting. Nursing a headache from an afternoon of Jameson Gold Reserve, watching RG3 and Morris take the ‘Skins to the playoffs, I finished up the base coats for Dain.


I did a second pass of the Ultramarine Shadow/Walnut Brown mix to try and tighten up all the spots where primer came through. Doing this mini again I’d probably prime it black for my sanity, the white primer has been haunting me a lot on this one.

Then, following the kit instructions, I based the gold parts in Ruddy Leather and just went ahead and based all the leather in the same. I won’t worry too much about that as there isn’t a ton of leather on him; the wood and fur I’ll change up with washes/highlights from different families. Ultramarine Shadow as a base coat for the blue areas, planning on digging out the rest of that triad to do a quick job on the clothy bits. Horns got a coat of Stained Ivory.


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