Dain WIP 1

Got out of work a bit early today and hopped on the sofa in front of a nice crackling fire.

Deviating from the paint included with the Kit, I based the skin with Tanned Shadow and the hair with Auburn Shadow, a quick lining with thinned Walnut Brown.


With apologies for the blurry pic…I then followed the Kit’s instructions on underpainting. Here you see the metal bits that will get painted silver underpainted with a mix of Ultramarine Shadow and Walnut Brown. You also see my sloppy painting at this stage of the project as well as my poor ability to paint chainmail solidly 🙂


That’s a two-hour session. I’m so slow!


3 thoughts on “Dain WIP 1

  1. Thin your paint on the chainmail. I tend to use inks for this sort of thing, since you really want it thinned down as much as possible, but since you’re following the Reaper L2P thing, I’d just suggest thinning their paints down a lot more for chain.

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