Bertokk postmortem

A rambling brain dump this morning on the Reaper forum:

I guess at this early point in my journey (Bertokk is mini #8), flesh tones are my ‘thing’. I struggle with pretty much everything else. I even snuck in a custom mix for ze nipple (the slightest dab of the red from the kit into the mid-tone).

I also really like how the lining turned out on him. After not being a fan of the technique, I’m shooting for a real subtle implementation. Stumbled in a couple spots, but overall really pleased with that angle.

Leathers are all pretty meh. I need a better technique at some point. The hair turned out kinda cool, tough to see on camera, my idea was from old Superman comics, clack hair with a blue sheen. The green cloth is the method for Laurana’s outfit in Kit 2. I like the rope, oiled leather washed with a veeery thin walnut, re-apply oiled mid-tone and two highlights of oiled+linen.

Another thing to note is the difference angle and lighting make on a photo. Look at my last WIP shots, some of the shaded areas, the lower back and the chest straps especially, look kinda jacked up in the WIP. But in the finished mini sitting on the table, you can see how it accentuates the shadows.

I think this was my favorite L2PK mini thus far; fun to paint, good details, nice character to the sculpt.

2 thoughts on “Bertokk postmortem

  1. Do their LTPKs have other flesh tones in them? You’ve got tanned Caucasian flesh down at this point. Now time for some exploration into darker browns?.

  2. This one comes with a full Reaper triad, and you guessed it “Tanned Skin” and its adjuncts, Tanned Shadow and Tanned Highlight. Really nice for a quick gaming quality paint job.

    However, it’s a step backward from the Drone or even Ogre, because I stuck to the instructions which don’t get into laying in cool colors or complements.

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