Laurana WIP 3

Managed to finish her off this evening, so to speak.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Forgot to snap WIPs again, so I’ve jumped ahead a bit here. Did the hair, leather and undercoat for the gold.

Hair was going ok but got really blocky on the highlight. I was kinda rushing at certain points where I needed to get up and stretch my legs.

Then I powered through to the finish. The back of the scroll also got pretty blocky, not super happy with how messy the gold went on. Starting to dislike metallic paint a lot, it dries out extremely fast on the brush. Got messy with the base, need to designate a better drybrush. The included reaper flat is so beat it splays out to roughly the size of Rhode Island.

I’m pretty tired of broccoli bases at this point in my L2PK journey. I foresee a lot of chopping in my future with Reaper minis.


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