It’s a sansetsukon

Yesterday I started on the monk from kit 2, wasn’t really feeling it so I only did the skin base coat and a first pass at shading. Didn’t take any pics, though. Today I worked a bit more and remembered pics!

Posted Image
Posted Image

It was a bit tough to stick to the rudimentary ‘shading’ after working so hard on zenithal with the Drone (and somewhat with the ogre). That’s actually what stopped me yesterday. But I soldiered through it. Then I spent maybe a half hour trying to get the eyes, ye gods.

I actually LINED this mini! It said in the instructions that lining was optional, but hey. These kits are for trying out stuff.

I can probably finish the monk in one more sitting, so I need to get the girly primed ASAP!

3 thoughts on “It’s a sansetsukon

  1. it’s interesting to watch you work your way through these. Especially seeing the comments where you’re deliberately limiting yourself to complete the figures “according to the instructions”. Is this part of a whole chain of people doing the same on the Reaper forums (like the Ogre was?)

    Anyway, this guy is looking real nice so far. Makes me jealous I can’t paint at the moment.

    • Not quite as group WIP as the Ogre, but it is an informal project on the Reaper forum. Lots of people are buying these and a few of us are posting up our progress. It’s tough because they go so quickly, I normally take photos after a session and these are 2 or 3 session minis for me.

      Thanks for the compliment, it’s a fun project.

      • Try going more casual with your WIP photos. Digital camera on the painting desk. Take a shot whenever you “finish” something on the model. You’ll forget sometimes, and the photos won’t be quite as purty, but it’ll get a lot more of the “in the moment” shots. You do get to see much more of the progression, though. ie

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