You dirty rat!

Ok, made some time while cleaning the house for the holidays to whip out the rest of L2PK1. This rat was the fastest mini I’ve pumped out, at 2 hours. I only took one set of WIP shots, because I’m used to taking pics after each session and this was only two sessions!

Posted Image
Posted Image

At first I really hated the base of this mini, the way there were huge voids that were impossible to paint. But following the kit instructions, I didn’t realize they just kind of wash it all away 🙂 I guess that worked ok for a quick basic job. Other than that it was quick and easy.

My main complaint and the thing that slowed me down a bit was that the instructions seems a bit disjointed. There was pretty heavy use of walnut wash, but it was split up through the whole process. I skipped around and base coated everything that needed a walnut wash and it seemed much more sensible to do it that way. Ditto parts painted with tanned flesh, etc. Just seemed like the steps could have been streamlined, though I can see it was done to split out each element for the beginner.

Posted Image
My favorite part was actually a mistake. I didn’t read ahead to see the bit about washing the rocks as the final step for the base, so I had been slopping various browns on them as I based and washed…which made for really nice variation when I went back and washed the rocks. The white primer rocks looked greyish and the slopped rocks were variegated brownish grey. Cool effect!


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