The one where I learn to paint

Ok, Ogre in the bag and on to L2PK1. That’s Reaper’s “Learn to Paint Kit 1” all shorthanded. These are designed to take a novice painter through several techniques, each building on the last. This first one is washes and drybrushing, basically the way I learned to paint twenty plus years ago.

First up, Anhurian. I’m going to follow the instructions as close as possible, though I did spray primer and I’m going to mostly use my WNS7 #2 brush. I even thinned the Intense Brown wash with water instead of my wash mix! I did slightly thin the paints, but not as much as I have been…just seems like painting with spackle if I don’t at least get a little medium in there.

Posted Image

Eyes didn’t show up well in the pic but obviously I just snapped it quickly on the bench. I have to get to making supper and the time taken posting this is putting my life in dire risk!

Looking over the instructions, these two minis should be pretty quick. I’m really happy for that given the duration of my previous three!


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