Ogre Chieftain rides again!

Awright, mini #3 officially off the bench!

I was hoping to hit something way closer to my initial concept and then I remembered I don’t have the skills to pull off most of that stuff 🙂

He was supposed to be sunburned, that was my initial concept. An old retired warleader who spent most of his time in tents and caves and rarely ventured into the sun anymore, called back in for a last ditch campaign against invading human hordes (I’m reading Dust of Dreams).

I went for a tribal brand on the shoulder, and cuirboilli armor bits. His eyes are supposed to have severe cataracts, the skirt is supposed to be tanned human hide. I went with a copper bracelet and bronze studs/banding figuring ogres didn’t work iron or have much in the way of precious metal – the leader only had two gold rings and of course an old GW-style gem. The club I tried to go for a mossy northern forest oak trunk, with greys and greens.

And lest I forget – a Lou Albano-style purple band in the beard.


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