More Ogre Skin

Yesterday was a bit discouraging with the skin tones. Couldn’t nail my initial intention, so I salvaged it with a fairly blah nondescript skin tone. Tried putting in cool tones and it bombed pretty bad. Since I’ve only done it once, and that with instructional help, I realized I was going through the motions that didn’t fit this tone at all. Just as I nodded off in bed, the little voice in the back of my head said ‘break out your color wheel, dummy’, Today I obeyed, and while not stellar, the results were at least in the direction I’m shooting for. Again, trying for a quick paint job (as I measure time).

For some reason my initial pics were blown out, too light. So I tweaked a few things and now they’re all dark.

Oh, went for a brand on the shoulder, at least that worked out pretty well.


3 thoughts on “More Ogre Skin

  1. It’s looking very good. The skin work is good, though a little hard to make out what is highlighting and what’ just lighting in some spots. The thing that makes the figure look a little “odd” (aside from not being quite finished) is that you’ve gone for such a pale and clean skintone when IMO the figure would benefit from a much more sunweathered complexion – think Hulk Hogan(!)

    The tree branch is looking really dark for a basecoat, I’m interested to see what you do with it.

    Really though, it looks damn good and remember I’m being extra picky since we’re internet-buds – so I’m looking for stuff to criticise.

  2. The highlights are picked up fairly accurately in those pics. Some of the dark recess shadows are light-cast shadows, of course.

    Yeah, the skin tone was going to be a sunburn on pale skin. My source pic was ‘sunburned Larry the Cable Guy’ GIS. Turns out I’m not actually a very good painter, so doing that was beyond what I could pull off and I just salvaged as I could. The intent was that the chief would spend most of his time on the throne and lost his tan, then came out to lead the hordes and got a burn.

    Extra picky is awesome, it’s how I learn. New pics later today. The club is probably next, I’m going to go with a grey and green kinda thing.

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