Talk about rusty!

Welp, I made a decision on the flesh tones for the Ogre boss man…and I am waiting on the paint to arrive. So, back to the Drone!

Working on the armor. Re-base coated the armor for the third time, finally got happy with a mid-tone of the previous two attempts, but now the paint is thicker than a tenement kitchen wall. Ah, well.

Applied battle damage/scuffing with a nubbly brush using black/brown paint applied pretty thick. Turned out pretty awesome once I got the hang of it. Needs to be pretty thick to give the right look, and there’s a bit of an art to applying it, though it was quite forgiving about mistakes while still looking quite convincing. So far so good.

Then I went to rust stains/general muck. My initial mix was too red brown and by the time I caught it, it was a bit late. Also, and probably the biggest issue, it was way too thick. Should’ve been down near a wash rather than a layer. I salvaged a couple areas by remixing with a lighter brown (beasty brown), going over a few spots, and then deepening things with some black and a few dabs of the initial redbrown/black mix. I think if the paint had been thinner, I would’ve been right in the neighborhood. As it is, I’m not real happy with it…but again, trying to remember it’s a learning project and my first try 🙂

Now for the images!

Oh, and I had also hit the orange jumpsuit with some deeper shadows when I first started today.

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