Blinded by the white

Got the pants, boots and warm greys done. Left to go: armor plates, black metal and straps, glowy bits. The pants and boots don’t have a huge amount of contrast but I like the way they came out enough that I’m moving on.

When I got to the armor plates, the original grey (VGC 48 Sombre Grey) was way to purple/lilac, so I decided to paint over it with VGC 47 Wolf Grey…which is almost white and really blows the contrast. It also went on really poorly, might be a bad bottle as I couldn’t really get it very workable and even very thin it’s pretty blotchy/globby. So I’ll be going back to bring it down a bit, then get on with weathering it ala Ali’s WIP.

Still tweaking the lightbox setup, balanced out the bulbs with a couple Reveals. Still hotspots like mad, so I’ll add some more diffuser sheets and see how it goes.

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