Use your imagination!

I know, I know, I need more pics. My tv and pc are down (tv being the pc monitor), so I’ll be painting a lot this weekend. The fiancee has a flash card slot in her laptop, I’ll use that to upload something. For nows, another quick update:

I’m calling the warm greys on the Drone done and moving on to the cool greys (the armor plates mostly). I’m ok with the way the warm greys came out, it’s faaaar from perfect, but I can see a lot of progress and where I’ll be going with the techniques, so mission accomplished there. Still experimenting a bit with paint consistency but what I’m using now is sooo much thinner and flows much nicer. So it’s mostly working on brush control to actually get the paint where I want it; that and seeing where the paint actually needs to go! Good stuff, though, considering it’s technically my first painted mini with no drybrush/wash (I did cheat with washes twice for little spots).

The bolts on his arms were a stone cold bitch and the main thing I dislike on the mini, but I’m not going to spend hours getting them right đŸ™‚

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