Drone WIP 1

These blog posts will more or less follow the WIP thread I’m posting at the Studio McVey forums, I’ll try to keep them edited to some form of sensibility. One thing I forgot to note – the wash pictures are shiny, as the wash hadn’t fully dried yet.


Posted Image

Assembly. A bit of mold line to deal with, but not bad at all. Very rusty with the xacto, so I did nick a few spots, I think this drone might get practice for a wound on his arm…

Posted Image

After that I glued him into the slottabase and instantly didn’t like it, my aversion to slottabase took hold. I went into the garage, grabbed a hacksaw and off goes the tab! A bit of filing of the soles (A bit of filing is good for the soul, my mother always said, but she’s a secretary). Then I got to try out my brand new pin vise! Found a bit that fit a paper clip I had lying around, a bit of drill, glue and snip later and the Drone was mounted on stilts. Popped him on a cork and primed him with Army Painter white primer. Of course, not feeling the greatest yesterday I forgot to photodocument all this.

I mixed up some wash per Ali’s post. Throwing in a hint of Les’ wash recipe, I used (10:1 distilled water:flow-aid)+matte medium mixed 1:1 with two drops black and one drop brown. I then went over the hard spots/boots/etc but it seemed a bit subtle. So in a bit of haste I added another drop of black, it may have been a bit too much.

So here’s the Drone pinned, mounted, primed and washed:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I also missed an assembly detail, forgot to connect the hose from the gun to the backpack! So /after/ priming, I maneuvered it more or less into position and glued it in there, which accounts for the poor adhesion of the wash around that join. Hopefully it will be easy to fix later.

A final note – This was the inaugural duty of my new W&N 7 #2 brush. I was skeptical as I’ve always used 5/0 as my main brush. As soon as I opened the package and saw the pinpoint at the end of the bristles, I had a serious grin. Love the way the reservoir holds the paint. I’m a big brush convert and I haven’t even begun actually painting!


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